What's Hatching?


Sire: ODYB Fire Spotnose Clown

Dame: Desert Ghost #5

Laid: April 1 2020

Hatched: June 1 2020

Starting of 2020 with some more DH DG Clown stuff. Was really looking for a female heavy clutch, but the females we did end up are insanely powerful girls to hold back!!!

RCR20-01-01 1.0 Fire Spotnose DH DG Clown
RCR20-01-02 1.0 YB Spotnose DH DG Clown
RCR20-01-03 1.0 Spotnose DH DG Clown
RCR20-01-04 1.0 Fire YB DH DG Clown
RCR20-01-05. 1.0 Fire YB Spotnose DH DG Clown
RCR20-01-06. 0.1 Fire YB Spotnose DH DG Clown
RCR20-01-07 0.1 OD Fire Spotnose (YB?) DH DG Clown
RCR20-01-08. 0.1 DH DG Clown


Sire: Pastel ODYB Leopard Pied

Dame: Cinnamon Spectre

Laid: April 20 2020

Hatched: June 17 2020

Really pretty clutch here! Was hoping to see an OD Leo Super Stripe... Looks like we missed that, but the "Fake Pied" made up for the whole clutch!!!

RCR20-02-01 - 1.0 OD Cinnamon YB/Spectre Het Pied
RCR20-02-02 - 1.0 Pastel OD YB/Spectre Het Pied
RCR20-02-03 - 1.0 Cinnamon YB/Spectre Het Pied
RCR20-02-04 - 0.1 Pastel YB/Spectre Het Pied
RCR20-02-05 - 0.1 Pastel OD YB/Spectre Het Pied
RCR20-02-06 - 0.1 Pewter Superstripe Het Pied
RCR20-02-07 - 0.1 OD YB/Spectre Cinnamon Leopard Het Pied


Sire: Mojave Het Monsoon

Dame: Yellowbelly 1

Laid: April 22 2020

Hatched: June 19 2020

I had a feeling we could pick out Het Monsoon. However I did not expect it to be this obvious! Obviously these are still 50% Hets until proven other wise, but i have a pretty strong feeling about a couple of these.

RCR20-03-01 - 1.0 Mojave YB 50% Het Monsoon
RCR20-03-02 - 1.0 YB 50% Het Monsoon
RCR20-03-03 - 0.1 50% Het Monsoon
RCR20-03-04 - 0.1 Mojave 50% Het Monsoon
RCR20-03-05 - 0.1 YB 50% Het Monsoon


Sire: DG Clown

Dame: Vanilla Pastel Lesser Het DG

Laid: May 4 2020

Hatched: July 1 2020

WOW! I love DG. Unfortunately we missed on as girls in the this clutch to hold back! On a side note! I think the Lesser DG Clowns are going to fix all the issues Lesser Clowns currently have with "Browning Out"

RCR20-04-01 - 1.0 Vanilla DG Het Clown
RCR20-04-02 - 1.0 Vanilla Pastel Lesser DG Het Clown
RCR20-04-03 - 1.0 Pastel Lesser DG Het Clown
RCR20-04-04 - 1.0 DH DG Clown
RCR20-04-05 - 0.1 DH DG Clown
RCR20-04-06 - 0.1 DH DG Clown


Sire: Wookie Lemonblast

Dame: Butter Xtreme 1

Laid: May 11 2020

Hatched: July 8 2020

Last year we hatched our first Wookie combos! After seeing how they turned out, we made a decision to try and make some more this year. Love how these turned out! Those Lesser Wookies are HOT

RCR20-05-01 - 1.0 Wookie Lesser Pin
RCR20-05-02 - 1.0 Wookie
RCR20-05-03 - 1.0 Xtreme Pin
RCR20-05-04 - 1.0 Lesser Pin
RCR20-05-05 - 0.1 Wookie
RCR20-05-06 - 0.1 Wookie Lesser
RCR20-05-07 - 0.1 Wookie Lesser


Sire: Orange Dream DG Crypton

Dame: Honey Cypress

Laid: May 12 2020

Hatched: July 9 2020

AHHH, Killed the odds, but got killed on the sex ratio... only ONE female.. She is not going anywhere.. This whole clutch will be Het DG and either Het Clown OR Het Cryptic

RCR20-06-01 - 1.0 Honey Cypress Het DG Het Clown/Cryptic
RCR20-06-02 - 1.0 Cypress Het DG Het Clown/Cryptic
RCR20-06-03 - 1.0 Honey Cypress Het DG Het Clown/Cryptic
RCR20-06-04 - 1.0 OD Honey Cypress Het DG Het Clown/Cryptic
RCR20-06-05 - 1.0 Het DG Het Clown/Cryptic
RCR20-06-06 - 0.1 OD Honey Cypress Het DG Het Clown/Cryptic


Sire: Redstripe Blackbelly

Dame: Enchi

Laid: May 12 2020

Hatched: July 9 2020

Very untapped project! Who remembers the Yellow Jacket? Blackbelly is vital in those combos! Alot of trail and error going on with this stuff. Trying to find the combo that makes it pop!

RCR20-07-01 - 1.0 Enchi Blackbelly
RCR20-07-02 - 1.0 Redstripe Blackbelly
RCR20-07-03 - 1.0 Blackbelly
RCR20-07-04 - 1.0 Blackbelly
RCR20-07-05 - 1.0 Blackbelly
RCR20-07-06 - 0.1 Enchi Redstripe Blackbelly
RCR20-07-07 - 0.1 Enchi Redstripe